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Our menus are designed to simplify your party planning and our staff is also available to assist your menu planning.

Catering & bakery orders must be placed in advance. Call ahead for an appointment or stop in between 9 a.m.-11 a.m. or 2 p.m.-5 p.m.


Cakes: Banana Nut—Carrot—Chocolate—Marble—Sour Cream Cherry Nut—Spice—Yellow

9” Double Layer (Serves 12-15) -

½ Sheet (Serves 22-25) -

Double ½ sheet (Serves 55-60) -



Frostings: Butter Cream ( White or Chocolate ) —Chocolate Fudge—Cream Cheese---Whipped Cream  
Mousse or Cream Fillings: (Additional $5) Chocolate—Lemon—Strawberry—Raspberry  
Apple Spice Cake - Seasonal: A delicious spice cake separated by layers of fresh chunky apple filling and covered with our own cream cheese frosting. (  9” (Serves 12-15) $35.00
Banana Cake  - ( 2 days advance notice ): Moist dense banana cake layered with pineapple filling and covered in our own delicious cream cheese frosting. 9” (Serves 12-15) $35.00
Berry Blanc - Seasonal: White sponge cake torted with raspberry jam, fresh berries and white chocolate 
butter cream frosting. Topped with glazed fresh raspberries, blueberries and strawberries.
9” (Serves 12-15) $35.00

Caramel Lemon Cake: Sponge cake torted with lemon curd, topped with dulce de leche then covered in real whipped cream.
9” (Serves 12-15) $35.00
Carrot Cake Extraordinaire: Pecan studded carrot cake torted with layers of praline cream covered with cream cheese frosting and toasted coconut. 10” Tube (Serves 12-15) $35.00
Cheesecakes: Bailey’s—Key Lime—New York Style (Available plain or glazed with fresh fruit)—
Pumpkin—Sweet Potato—Turtle—White Chocolate Raspberry
9” (Serves 12-15) $32.50
Chocolate Decadence Cake: Three layers of chocolate chiffon cake soaked in raspberry liqueur, separated by layers of mousse. Completely covered in a dark chocolate shell and shaved chocolate curls. Available in chocolate or raspberry mousse. 9” (Serves 12-15) $35.00


Chocolate Strawberry Cake: Dense chocolate cake, fresh strawberries covered with bittersweet dark chocolate topped with real whipped cream.

Small (Serves 12-15) $35.00 Medium (Serves 22-25) $47.50 14’ Round (Serves 35-40) $57.50 Full Sheet (Serves 55-60) $100.00
Coconut Lover’s Cake: White cake torted with layers of coconut custard then covered in real whipped cream and coconut. 9” (Serves 12-15) $32.50
Cookie Trays: An assortment of our bakers’ best cookies and bars. Small (Serves 12-15) $37.50
Large (Serves 25-30) $55.00
Cupcakes: Your choice of our homemade chocolate, yellow, red velvet and carrot cupcakes topped
with our butter cream, cream cheese and fudge frosting.
2 Dozen Cupcakes $36.00
Brownies and Dessert Bars: Blondies—Caramel Brownies—Cream Cheese Brownies—Chocolate Brownies— Peanut Butter Brownies—Lemon Squares—Lime Coconut Bars—Mixed Nut Bars— Pecan Honey Squares—Pineapple Cheesecake Bars—Pumpkin Squares—Raspberry Bars 9x13 Pan (Serves 24) $27.50
Golden Cake with Fresh Fruit: Moist, yellow cake covered with strawberries, peaches, kiwis, blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries topped with real whip cream. Small (Serves 12-15) $35
Medium (Serves 22-25) $47.50
Full Sheet (Serves 55-60) $95
Lemon Lover’s Cake: Yellow cake delicately flavored with lemon zest, torted with lemon curd and covered in our own butter cream frosting. 9” (Serves 12-15) $35.00
Pies: Banana Cream—Chocolate Cream—Coconut Cream—Key Lime—Lemon Cream— Lemon Meringue—Mocha Butter Crunch—Pear Caramel—Pumpkin—Sweet Potato
          Apple Double Crust---Apple Sour Cream with Crumb Topping---Apple Crumb---Pecan
9” (Serves 8) $13.50
Red Velvet Cake: Delicious red velvet cake torted and covered with our very own cream cheese frosting. 9” (Serves 12-15) $32.50
Seasonal Pies: Apricot Raspberry—Blueberry—Blueberry Sour Cream—Bumbleberry—Peach— Strawberry Rhubarb 9” (Serves 8) $13.50
Tarts: Order our delicious and elegant tarts for a special occasion. Handmade shells filled with chocolate, lemon, mascarpone and vanilla then topped with glazed fresh fruit. 3 Dozen Tarts $50
Tiramisu: Lady fingers soaked in coffee then delicately sandwiched between layers of mascarpone custard. 9x13 Pan (Serves 12) $35.00
Tres Leches Cake: Delicious sponge cake soaked with three milks and covered with fresh strawberries, peaches, berries and kiwi. Topped with a layer of real whipped cream. Small (Serves 12-15) $27.50
Large (Serves 22-25) $52.50
Trifles: Layers of cake alternated with fresh fruit, pudding and real whip cream. Available in
chocolate or yellow cake.
Bowl (Serves 12-15) $35.00



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